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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  July 4, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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mike hydeck. kris knead will have the traffic as he fills fills fills in for -- as he fills in for angie. >> it will be hot and sticky again, a few storms this afternoon. but by 9:00, things should be settling down nicely for almost all of us. sought eastern virginia a better chance. into norfolk today, you may run into storms this evening, but for the most part, good shape. here's a look at our day planner on this independence day. we are looking at temperatures this morning, mainly in the lower 70s. quiet out there. noon, upper 80s. partly sunny. 5:00, scattered thunderstorms, and by 8:00 or 9:00, 9:00 rather, 83, isolated storms still possible. i think most of this is south of us. temperatures this morning. up to 75 this morning. 68 in gaithersburg. mid-60s in the mountains, and
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lower 70s in southern maryland. as we have told you, angie is off, but kris is monitoring the weather pattern. >> we have one issue into the district here. we have word of an overnight down tree, canal and californiaal and arizona, and also on -- and catastrophe value and arizona -- and canal and arizona. the maryland traffic, no problems for 95 and 270. everything is clear there. moving over to 270, switching the camera over here, coming down out of frederick, past germantown down to rockville, and everything is clear. nice quiet commute for the drivers this morning. into virginia, 66 eastbound. no problems there taking a look out of centerville through fairfax to the beltway. finally 95 northbound in virginia, everything is looking good down to lauren and the mixing bowl. i'm going to have a look at the
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g.w. parkway at 5:10. >> kris, thank you. hundreds of thousands of people will watch the fireworks explode over washington, dc. >> many of them will be at the national mall and the u.s. capital -- capitol for all events leading up to the firework display. the big preparations, hope there no one is there yet surae, but who knows. >> reporter: we are ready for a big celebration. happy 4th of july, everyone. people are probably sleeping in, but you to prepare once you get here to the national mall. here's what you can bring, you want to bring your cooler with your food and water, plenty to drink. speaking of, drink plenty of it today, because as howard said, temperatures in the 90s. you don't want to forget sunglasses, and andrea, the fan has come in handy this summer. you will need it today. if you follow those rules, you
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can have a good time, celebrating, come earlly and mark your spot. the show at 9:10 exactly, going on for 17 minutes, and also, here's what you don't want to bring. you can't bring alcohol on the national mall. no glass bottles, pets, or grills. if you follow those rules, you'll have a good time celebrating. >> i'm expecting big fireworks, bigger than california because it's washington, dc. >> we are expecting a great time and beautiful fireworks. >> reporter: there will be extra security today. you can bet on that. there will also be at least four first aid tents, and you also probably want to come public transportation. andrea and jessica. >> you were talking about the
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extra security. in years past we have had people going through metal detectors is that going to be out there this year? >> reporter: you bet. there's one way in and one way out. people will be checking it. another thing to keep in mind. metro will increase the trains trains and transportation. starting at 7:00 this morning. going to midnight. the smithsonian station is closed until after the fireworks. you board after the fireworks. only entry only. you check metro's cite to check out the other stations to board. back to you. >> exactly and get the round trip ticket now before it's back on. >> really good advice. >> surae chinn reporting live from the national mall. the thunderstorms rolling through here last night are being blamed for a man's death. >> a bicyclist died when a tree fell on him, and the storm scattered damage across the washington area.
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some of the hardest hit spots are north arlington. the streets are littered with downed branches and power lines mr. . it was unbelievable. the wind and rain coming, and the push of the rain was like a tidal wave from that direction. >> one of the homes hit by a falling tree is well over 100 years old. several neighbors say they ran into their basement when is they heard the debris blowing around. it appears the damage was caused by straight line winds. >> some people are starting off their 4th of july without power. here's the outage figures from the last pour. petco reports 1100 customers out. 750 in prince george's county with 500 in dc and 20 in montgomery county. bge has 230 in the dark. same in howard county, and well over 500 customers out in
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annandale county. this morning, rescuers will resume their search for a missing boater from maryland. bystanders rushed into action after a boat capsized on the lake in fayette county, pennsylvania. a mother and two teenage boys were pulled to safety but a 50- year-old man is skill missing. 5:06 -- is still missing. 5:06. a reputation for crime is driving people away from crime in maryland. a fight at a movie theater led to a man being stabbed to death last night it was near a comb plex with stores, but the businesses are vacating the premises. >> reporter: one-by-one the retailer signs are being replaced by numbered units at university town center a far cry from what everyone thought
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it would be when they moved here. >> i'm disgusted because do you know how much i paid to live on the 7th floor? close to $1 million. that would have been worth it if it looked like what the developer imagined for prince george's county. >> he had no idea that this was going to happen. >> reporter: the first condo building opened in late 2007. most were presold. when the financial market collapsed and those loan programs were no long available, they ran into problems and now they are finding problems trying to sell the condos. >> reporter: and until they sell them, they can not sell more in another building. this is nestled near the 244- year student housing project that is also suffering. >> there's been half a dozen student tower projects built adjacent or close to the maryland campus. we are had a mile and a quarter away, and they are next door. >> reporter: neighbors say it
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trickles down to crime. >> it's more same at the mall than here. >> reporter: developers want to build retail out to east-west highway. >> it would incorporate the major thoroughfare into the development. >> it's a very patient process. >> reporter: the only hope, neighbors hold out. brittany morehouse, 9 news now. >> there's a police substation manned by hyattville officers. >> they are working to review their security procedures. a trial that captured national attention is going on today despite the july 4th holiday. that story is coming up. one of the newer entries into the 2012 presidential race trying to show off support in her home state. we will have more on some of the 4th of july activities around the washington region throughout the morning. we will be back. [ man ] did we get anything good?
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it is 10 after 5:00 this monday morning. independence day. july 4th, and we are looking good this morning. quiet, muggy, and temperatures in the upper 60s and lower 70s. 80s by noon. partly sunny this afternoon. scattered thunderstorms may cause a rain delay during the nats' game. we will see you in a few with the rest of forecast. right now kris sneed is in. >> reporter: on this quiet monday morning, if you're driving southbound into arlington key bridge, no problems there. everything is looking good right now.
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if you're planning on heading into the district, we will have ways to get in there and what to avoid at 5:18. jessica. >> thank you, making news at 5:10, police in memphis say one of their officers and another person have died after a shooting at a hotel. officer timothy warren was killed last night responding to what police say was a domestic dispute at the double tree hotel in the middle of the entertainment district. police have a suspect in custody. a florida jury will not be celebrating the 4th of july this morning. they will listen to the prosecutor's closing argument in the casey anthony murder trial. she could face the death penalty if convicted. in campaign 2012 news, one of the newest republican hopefuls is spending the day on a bus in iowa. michele bachmann is trying to drum up support for next month's straw poll.
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the minnesota congresswoman is a native of iowa. we tried competitive eating last week, but a real competitive eating event turns feisty. that's ahead at 5:58. >> we were feisty. >> at 5:31, senators are visiting troops in afghanistan. next at 5:14. howard will look at our chances for storms this week in the 7- day forecast. keep it here. 's tough. so our dentist recommended act. [ male announcer ] act mouthwash restores enamel and makes teeth up to 2 times stronger. act. stronger teeth and fresher breath in every bottle. fiber one. almost tastes like one of jack's cereals. uh, forgot jack's cereal. [ jack ] what's for breakfast? uh, try the number one!
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welcome back to 9 news. a holiday for many people in the area. they will have backyard barbecues, out on the mall, and they are anxious to hear the forecast. >> reporter: we may have a few thunderstorms in spots this afternoon. the better chance, virginia and then maryland, the farther south you go, rain chances going up. last night, all the damaging winds and hail. >> that was crazy weather. >> reporter: knocking trees down. inch and a half hail. that was the largest report we had. reports of almost inch-sized diameter of hail yesterday afternoon and evening. all of that is thankfully gone. the cleanup will continue. >> the tree down. >> exactly on the g.w. parkway. a lot of trees down. this monday, july 4th,
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independence day, mostly cloudy skies. 11:00 a.m. temperature, 86. if you're going out to the parades kicking off mid-to late morning, keep that in mind it will be warm and humid. north westerly winds not bad. 5 to 10 miles an hour. upper 80s at 1:00. nats with the 1:05 start today. there may be a thunderstorm passing through. rain delay there. 3:00 temperature of 90. 5:00a few more scattered storms. the 92-degree category, the fireworks forecast, expecting temperatures to be 83 degrees at 9:00 p.m. with an isolated thunderstorm. better chance of that will be south of washington. i think for the big fireworks show, down on the mall, we should be in pretty good shape. look at satellite and radar, this with the storms that lined up last night, really doing a number on the region, coming through. even at 10:00 storming heavily
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across colonial beach. a few sprinkles this morning. thatry gone. gaithersburg, they are gone. rockville at 69. and it's 70 in columbia laurel and andrew's air force base. 71 in alexandria, and regan airport, cloudy skies. the dew points are way up there in the upper 60s. muggy is in. the boundary slipping through with the front overnight. that's why the winds are northerly tonight. the threat of thunderstorms will be with us, especially on south side of town as we get into the afternoon and evening hours. you can see at 5:00, most of the stuff south of us, by 9:00, most of the stuff well southeast of us. that's why i think we are in good shape for the fireworks tonight. today, 92, but scattered storms. isolated storms tomorrow. 90 wednesday, 91 again.
5:18 am
a stray thunderstorm cannot be ruled out. 93 degrees both say says with the scattered afternoon storms. the weekend, not much of a change. highs in the lower 90s. kris sneed over to you. >> howard, like your forecast says, the skies are clear, and so are my roads. 395 northbound into the district right now, up to the 14th street bridge, nice and clear. moving over to the beltway in virginia, inner and outer loop looking good. no problems there. icing which out maryland -- checking out maryland. 270, not seeing any problems. going to graphics with 95, bw parkway. southbound to the beltway, everything looking good. into the district, if you plan to go to the district to get to the firework shows, everything is looking good right now. you will want to head out early to take public transportation. no problems. coming up. the toll road on 525. over to you. >> if you're making last-minute plans for what to do later
5:19 am
today, with we have a couple of ideas for you. >> starting in virginia. the independence day celebration at fairfax starting with a parade around the city's historic district. that kicks off at 10:00 a.m., a day's worth of entertainment, and then fireworks. in daleshistory, the parade going down dale boulevard. a tree concert at george mason high school at 7:00 followed by fireworks around 9:20. there may have been an official changing of the guard at the wimbledon final. the cubs will be coming to town today. more in sports. a time to take a look at the question of the morning. >> it is every year we spend $111 million on two things during the 4th of july weekend. one is charcoal. what's the other? problem sickles -- popsicles, hot dogs or beers?
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5:22 on this july 4th. we are looking at clouds this morning. mixing in later with sunshine. by 9:00, up to 80, 81 degrees in that neighborhood. noon, some sunshine. mixing with clouds, upper 80s, and we have a few thunderstorms that start to pop during the afternoon. temperatures by 3:00, 90. some of the storms have a better chance closer to maryland with the temperature of 89. andrea over to you. >> for the first time in years, the wimbledon champion is not federer or nadal. >> that is big news. >> the nationals could not stop their opponents' fireworks. nas sports -- that's in sports. >> reporter: the nationals were quite busy this weekend, recording their first victory under davey johnson on friday. a double header on friday to make up a rainout and then they turned around to play game number 4. wrapping up the series with the pirates on sunday, and the competitive
5:24 am
portion was over quite early. first inning, nats down 2-0. that makes it 3-0. overbay with the single to center. pirates just getting started. in the 2nd, 5-0, pittsburgh. the double to center, and that scores garrett jones, and then jason's day, less than 2 innings, and the nats are blasted 10-2. for at least one guy it was a happy day. tyler clipper was told he was the only national -- clifford was told he was the only national to be selected for the all star game. he could be joined by mike who is in the final player vote that is chosen online by fans. to wimbledon in england. rafaelnorth americaal taking on
5:25 am
someone other than federer. djokovic. in the end he was just too strong. blanketing the grass, and the championship point. novak winning his first wimbledon title. that's a quick look at sports this morning. i'm kristin bursett. good morning, everyone. a look at the nationals east first half of the season in our next half an hour. live to the national mall with a preview of the huge july 4th festivities. kris. >> reporter: thank you, jessica. all the way over to tyson, no problems. the district road coming up at 5:30. 9 news will return after these messages.
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good morning and welcome back to 9 news now. i'm andrea rhone. >> and i'm jessica doyle. mike is off this morning. of course it's the 4th of july. kris knead with traffic in -- sneed with traffic in a moment if there is any, but first the weather. >> reporter: there my be a shower this afternoon. it will not be a washout. the good news, by this evening, i think the firework shows locally should be in good shape. down to south eastern virginia, a chance of a few storms to the norfolk region for the nighttime shows. here's the day planner on this independence day, july 4, 2011. number 235, we are looking at temperatures in the upper 80s near noon. scattered thunderstorm, more so in virginia. 83, isolated thunderstorm possible. i think by then, most of the
5:30 am
action will have left us. it's 60 in gaithersburg. andrews, 70. along with patch river, 71. culpepper, 70. 68 for haggerstown. cumberland, 74. mix of clouds, upper 80s and low 90s. big storms last night. this morning, mostly cloudy skies, but we will watch the skies later on to see if things develop. not much developing on the roads but kristine -- kris sneed is taking a look. >> reporter: the fireworks show northwest of the key bridge here headed into the george town area, no problem there is. moving the camera over to connecticut, and you can see it, coming in from the maryland side, looking good now. no issues to report. over to northeast new york avenue, not seeing any delays or anything coming out of 50 or the b.p.
5:31 am
parkway. the clear commute to the 3rd street tunnel. finally finishing it up with a look at constitution avenue and 15th street all along the mall area. no problems to report. everything is looking good. finally checking our trees. metro, everything is on time. if you plan to head out, use public transportation to get into the the area this morning. andrea and jessica, over to you. three u.s. senators are spending their independence day in afghanistan. >> they are raising doubts about withdrawing troops from the country. >> the president's plan calls for pulling out 10,000 troops by the end of this year, and another 23,000 gone by the end next summer. >> i hope that it will work out but it is certainly depriving us of the necessary troops that we need for the second fighting
5:32 am
season. >> we don't succeed here, and the taliban come back into power, and we will be attacked again. >> the senators met with avenue -- met with the afghan president last night. the first troops will be coming home later this month with the president's plan. the portapotties are lined up, and the security check points will soon be manned along the national mall. hundreds of thousands of people are expected to attend the festivities in the nation's capital. surae chinn has advice for you. >> reporter: happy 4th of july for you. it's going to be a big celebration. it's quiet now, but you can imagine the place will be crawling with people. the portapotties as you mentioned are lined up, and we also have first aid tents on
5:33 am
the mall in case anyone suffers for heat exhaustion or anything else, or someone needing attention for anything else. folks are putting the finishing touches on the spectacular display, and also rehearsals for the concert went on despite the bad weather on the west lawn of the capital. you can expect singers like matthew morrison and chelsea hightower and mark allen. >> it's a b & b anniversary. we are doing a rumba to jordan spark singing from beauty and the beast. >> reporter: the show goes on at 9:10 for the firework display going on for 17 minutes exactly. you cannot bring alcohol. don't bring tents or glass bottles or grills but definitely plenty of water because it will be a hot one
5:34 am
tonight. >> very good advice. >> surae chinn reporting. bands and beauty queens were a paid rag through the -- were parading through the streets of laurel on saturday. the city sandwiched in all kinds of morning parade and sun sit fireworks. -- and the sunset fireworks. montgomery county has 5k race at 7:45 this morning. the parade will start at 10:00, and the entertainment continuing until 2:00 p.m. the 65th annual catonsburg parade will be this afternoon. gathersburg will have fireworks at dusk. if you find you are enjoying your july 4th just a little too much, call sober ride for a
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free and safe ride home. rides offered to adults for 10:00 tonight until 4:00 tomorrow morning. all you to do is call 800-200- taxi or at&t customers it's 2 pound it axi -- it's pound it axi. a -- pound taxi. employers are bringing back perks that were eliminated during the recession. of the h.r. reps responding to the new survey, 18% said they companies have restored prerecession perks. nearly one quarter said their firm had introduced entireny
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new perks. small businesses may be in particular jeopardy of the time because they believe the perks are important. 42% of all companies are growing more apprehensive about others stealing their best employees. slightly less than half said the issue is always there not just in a down economy. which benefits are the most effective in keeping top talent? the answer, bonuses. that's also with a 401k matched contribution. >> what about health benefits? >> that's down further on the list. that's interesting because your health benefits can sometimes cost more than the benefits you get from the bonus or the 401k match. >> that would be nice. extra vacation, too. >> we will take it all. >> absolutely. >> thank you.
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one of the moist poignant 4 4th of july events happens this morning. that's coming up. controversy over an oil spill with exxon mobil. it's time for the united airlines travel forecast. 70 degrees with light winds at the airport. visibility at 10 miles. a few storms possible this afternoon around here. you may see some in columbus, but detroit and chicago, looking good. high temperatures today in the windy city into the low 80s. nice july 4th there. hot in denver at 95 degrees. salt lake at the same at 94. 100 at vegas. 105 pheonix. delightful day in l.a. at 76 degrees. just as nice in san francisco. boise, the heat is there with the 90s. seattle sunny and comfortable with 75.
5:38 am
5:39 am
welcome back. outside on the weather terrace this morning on july the 4th. it's muggy out here. cloudy skies for the most part, but dry. rains have left the region for the moment. this afternoon, we cannot rule out scattered thunderstorms. high in the upper 80s and lower 90s. midday should be okay, but your barbecue may be interrupted. the 7-day forecast in a few minutes, looking to the upcoming weekend but right now kris sneed with traffic. >> reporter: everything is looking good. update on the districts that you need to avoid at 5:47.
5:40 am
andrea, over to you. >> how would you like to skip a popular item on the honey do list? a group of activists are urging you to mow less often and a little further the ground to keep less fertilizer from reaching the chesapeake bay. keeping your grass at least 3 inches high will contribute to a healthy root system and reduce the need for the fertilizer and the chemicals in them. >> great advice. now we will look at a couple more july 4th events around the area. this morning at 11:00, are a group of -- a group of immigrants will be sworn in as citizens. great event. if you want to avoid the crowds and traffic, sounds good. catch a boat to watch the fireworks. numerous cruises are running along the de comb --
5:41 am
pennsylvania -- on the tacomic until just after midnight. coming up at 5:41, we will see who is celebrating their birthday with the united states today. she starred in north by northwest and won an oscar for all new water front, 87. he's an award winning play wright. neil simon is 84 and al davis is 82. >> bill withers is 82 years old. heraldo rivera is 78. catherine townsend is 60. and malia obama is 13 today. if it's your birthday, happy birthday.
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5:45 am
howard bernstein with the forecast. better than yesterday. >> reporter: i don't expect the damaging thunderstorms along the g.w. parkway. big hail on the toll path out where the tree fell on the bicyclist. they were big time storms last night. now all is quiet. if you have morning plans they should be fine. middle of date, showers and storms they interrupt your plans but by tonight, we should be in better shape. upper 70s with mostly cloudy skies. by noon, upper 80s. look at the wind directions. north westerly wind. that is generally a dry wind for us. being close to the front, question not rule out this afternoon, we have storms, especially in virginia, south of washington, but we will say north of the district. i think your chances of rain are far lessen than let's say
5:46 am
near d.c. looking good for tonight. fireworks kicking off around 9:10. at the mall, the firework forecast, 83. isolated storm chance. i think we will be okay. last night we were not okay. going back to 6:50 on sunday evening, a look at strong and severe thunderstorms. howard county marching to the south and east. at 10:00 affecting colonial beach. and they have finally left a few showers this morning. coming out of west virginia, and just fizz thed out -- fizzled out of the way of the potomac. at regan international, we have 75 degrees. sticky out there with the dew points in the upper 60s.
5:47 am
you're going to be outside today, and you know you will be doing sweating with the temperatures starting out over 70 degrees. the moisture is around, and look at the cluster of storms around the plains. the ohio valley over to the mid- atlantic, the bigger stuff is south and east of us. that's likely the trend later this afternoon as well. however, with the daytime heating, a disturbance to the south. close enough to us, areas by 5:00, especially in virginia and maryland will have a better chance of storms. much of that is well south and east of us. the fireworks tonight should be in good shape. the next 3 days, 92 this afternoon. tonight, upper 60s and low 70s. 90 on tuesday. a slight chance of showers. wednesday, 91. isolated thunderstorm chance. the heat is with us for the end of the week and weekendment thursday and friday, lower 90s. about the same over the weekend. slightly better chance of
5:48 am
storms thursday and friday as opposed to the weekend. kris sneed is in for angie. >> yellow light, incidents to watch out for right now, especially in the district. live shot here. a downed tree on k. street and south capital. landed on a car here. crews have not cleaned it out of the road yet. if you're headed out to the area, watch out for that. moving to southeast d.c. rhode island avenue. an accident there, and police have part of the roadblocked off right now. they continue to work on that accident to try to clean the scene. drivers 95 northbound, a clear commute. h.o.v. lanes nice and clean, and everything is looking good. southbound, northbound, over to 66, and coming out of centerville to fairfax and the beltway, no problems there. everything looking good. 270 out of germantown down to
5:49 am
rockville, everything has cleared, no problems, and finally coming back with a look at the district roads you need to watch out for at 6:00. andrea, over to you. >> thank you, kris. 5:58 this morning, a pipeline was blown up that carries gas from egypt into israel. so far no reports of injuries. this is the third such blast this year. the earlier one shutting down the pipeline for weeks. 12,000 people evacuated from new mexico are now being allowed to return home. fire crews say 20 personality% -- 20% of the fire is contained but it is no longer threatening that area. exxon mobil officials at odds over a spill on the yellow river. most flyovers show it's limited to a 10-mile stretch, butt
5:50 am
governor say it's way too early to claim it's such a small area, and more inspections are need. the nationals are hoping to make noise on the field into the all star break that is a week away. >> after their manager quit abruptly in the middle of a winning streak, they called up old-timer davey johnson. sitting down with paul white for a mid-season report card. >> reporter: guys, thank you so much. we are around the mid-season mark, and we always like to have paul in to round up the first half. this situation is unlike anything i have ever seen. >> we have managers leave in the middle of contracts but sometimes it's when things are going badly. edwin rodriguez a couple of weeks earlier in miami quit, but the team was going the wrong way in a hurry. this team was winning. >> let's do what we do so well in the media, we will blame
5:51 am
someone. whose fault was it, they didn't entertain a discussion about the extension or it is riggleman's fault for walking away mid-season? >> we assume what they were thinking. mike rizzo said i want to deal with this at the end of the year. he said he told riggleman we will deal with it then, but he said i have no clout. they know what happens without a contract. buck came in, and they knew he was staying around. jason werth -- jayson werth, what is going on? >> they talked about not having the lineup together. at various points of the season you had werth not zimmerman,
5:52 am
for this to function, teams need to fear a couple of guys. they have never feared more than one guy in the lineup. they can play for an extended period together. >> steve straws burg's rehab is going -- strasburg's rehab is going on or close to schedule. please tell me we are not saving him until next year. >> the only reason you want him to pitch this year, psychologically it's good for a player to go home for the winter getting a game or two in, look, i'm okay, i'm fine. i can pitch again, and maybe it doesn't have to be the major league level. maybe a couple of rehab assignments. if you get to september, there's nowhere else to pitch. >> it's been an adventure but been nice to have them be relevant. paul white is a senior writer for usa today. good to have you.
5:53 am
>> let's get them relevant once again. one of the things we spent $140 million on during the 4th of july week send charcoal. what is the -- spend car coal. what is -- charcoal, what is the other? >> debora said the dogs. yo i have to have something to cook over the charcoal. >> you can leave your response on the fan page on facebook. we will unvail the answer later this morning. if you thought our warmup eating contest was feisty, and it was. andrea was the winner, wait until you see what happened a the the real d. burger eating contest. >> thank goodness i didn't have a knife and fork. >>
5:54 am
england's couple arriving on the north american tour. [ mom ] can a little bowl of cereal change your life?
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i think it can. one of the challenges for kayla being gluten-free is actually finding choices the whole family will love. then we discovered chex cereals.
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five flavors of chex are gluten-free, including the honey nut flavor, and that's amazing to a mom like me. as a parent you don't want to have to tell your kids "no" all the time. it's nice for me to be able to say "yes" to something that they want to eat. [ male announcer ] chex cereal. five flavors. gluten free. 5:56 on this independence someday. have plans outside today? keep an eye to the sky. we will be okay this morning.
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by noon, upper 80s. but by this afternoon, we have thunderstorm popping here by 3:00. potentially there, coming out this afternoon. passing more to the south and north. 6:00 p.m. temperature near the 90-degree mark. we will talk about the fireworks coming up on 9 news at 6:00. it's believe the the hottest movie this weekend, transformers will take in more than $180 million by the end of the long holiday weekend. from friday to yesterday it gross the $94.5 million. it beat out the fourth pirates of the caribbean movie. today there will be an official welcome ceremony on prince edward island for the duke and dutchess of cambridge. prince william and his pride arrived last night.
5:58 am
prince edward island is the eastern most point of their tour. they will tour seven providences and one territory before going to los angeles this friday. there's a fresher set of newlyweds. the ruler of monoco wed on saturday. despite the media reports his bride got cold feet and tried to back out. she's a former olympic swimmer from south africa. we got competitive eating our burgers on thursday. but there was a bitter controversy in weekend. they chowed down in front of the tennley town z burger. the mouth to the south, and the defending champ was there. the time was called, and it looked like the winner was mr. mouth, but uh-oh, a miss in mr. mouth's water cup. >> we don't need to see it.
5:59 am
>> ugh! >> we have a winner or loser? >> loser. >> the judge ruled he had too much uneaten burger in the cups and order a two-man face off. the winner ate 17 burgers in 10 minutes. ugh! >> okay! >> i'm not hungry any longer but i do thank you for watching 9 news now. why did he have to do ha? i'm andrea rhone. >> and i'm jessica boyle. mike and angie are both off today. howard is here with the weather first. >> my wife would share your reaction. guys go yeah, whatever. we will watch it later. give me a towel, and i will be all right. >> bad rap for guys. >> we don't care, most